Collective Choke In The Hillary Media

There was an audible choking sound in the mainstream media (MSM) when a group of University of Nevada students suggested to Hillary Clinton to return all or part of the $250,000 speaking fee the university has agreed to pay her for an October address.

The question must have jolted the stubble-faced, bow tie-wearing young so-called “journalists” whose news “nonpartisanship” includes laying the gold bricks for Hillary’s grand entrance into the 2016 presidential sweepstakes.

The MSM drones have been whispering ever so lightly about the Hillary gaffes regarding her wealth and steep speaking fees and her role as a private defense attorney. Despite all the information out there about how the Clintons so very deftly manipulate the media, the MSM types just don’t get it.

Hillary’s wealth misstep would have dissipated quickly in the instant news cycle but she followed the Alinsky code of creating confusion to stymie political opponents by keeping the wealth misstep alive. That allows Hillary to carefully clump all the other potential negatives of a presidential campaign in a single vortex of confusion early on.

The “dead broke” issue; the legal question of her enthusiastic defense of the rapist of a 12-year old when she was a defense attorney, and the money she commands in speaking fees, coupled with any other personal skeletons that might surface, all will be verbally massaged and spun into an opaque curtain to be dispensed with as old-hat issues well before the campaign.

The suspense now will be how Hillary handles the Nevada speaking fee and how the MSM media will run to glorify it.  My guess is she will split the fee evenly as a gift to the university to help offset its new 17% tuition increase. Why not! She comes off appearing benevolent without jeopardizing future speaking fees, gains more votes, and writes the donated part of the fee off her income taxes next year.

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