Child Cataclysm: Who’s Paying The Rainbow Covenant’s Tab

Who helped trigger the systematic deluge of illegal alien children flooding across our southern border? This social and economic catastrophe definitely is not a spontaneous effort. This is a well organized onslaught intended to generate chaos in this country and part of President Barack Obama’s Rainbow Covenant to “transform” the USA into a Marxist utopia of uniform slavery.

It costs money to travel the distance from Latin America to the U.S. border. The children are for the most part poor as are their parents who live in this country illegally if they are already here.. Yet they have money for food and to pay the high cost of smugglers. Who is supplying the millions for the journey? The children appear healthy. How after a supposedly grueling journey? If they are being bused directly from Latin America, is the Mexican government complicit in the smuggling for a cut of the action? Those buses have to travel more than 1,000 miles through Mexican territory unhindered.

Obama apologists say he was “surprised” by the human avalanche. Bullshit! Obama’s minions and special policy czars knew very well what was about to occur. They encouraged it. C’mon! Let’s get real. Tens of thousands of well financed children, teens,and some adults, mingled with Latin American gang members, travel the more than 1,000 miles through Mexican government military roadblocks designed to curb the drug cartels and they arrive at the border unscathed.

Why hasn’t Obama and lapdog John Kerry openly confronted the Mexican government? Not one peep from either side of the border. Meanwhile, the supposedly concerned Obama takes one more of his three-week spaced vacations to Palm Springs for a round of golf and money raising all paid by taxpayers because he gave an “official” speech.

In the meantime, Obama orders more military bases to house the kids, putting the military he so intensely despises to work as nannies and day care workers. The kids are being scattered around the country, likely organized to be closer to those who will sign them out and keep them here to live off the dole and convert them into voting Democrats.

Obama’s main action so far: Muzzle the overwhelmed U.S. Border Patrol by ordering agents not to speak to the media for fear of firing and legal prosecution, thereby making them complicit in human trafficking.

We are supporting the largely illiterate hordes with nearly $900 million from the Health & Human Services Department budget, money that will have to be made up to support Obamacare. Another nearly $600 million will be diverted from the Homeland Security Department budget, again money that will have to be made up to ensure the agency has enough cash to fend off terrorists. The Democrat Senate is mulling another $1.9 billion gift which the Republican House likely will endorse rather than risk being labeled “child haters” in an election year.

It certainly would be much cheaper to sort the illegals by country, give them a meal and water,  load them on military transports and ferry them back to their original destinations.

That will never happen. It would contradict the Rainbow Covenant, Obama’s contract “on” America. TJE

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