Michelle’s New Umbrage Episode Taxing

Why are we forced to continue paying for a healthy school lunch program that is an utter failure? It is a thanks to Michelle Obama, the unelected co-nanny in the White House who unlike most other first ladies insists on meddling in costly national  policy issues, much like her predecessor Hillary Clinton and health insurance in the 1990s.

Michelle is offended that her pet effort at policy making — healthy school lunches — is under crticism for failing miserably and, as a dedicated LPM*,  she wants to throw more tax dollars at it. Surveys show millions of kids are dumping their Obamalunches which, for the most part, have the taste and texture of asparagus-flavored cardboard topped with a dollop of spiced wallpaper paste and a vinegar beet.

Michelle foisted Obamalunches on a unsuspecting nation early in her husband’s administration when Democrats ruled all the roosts and could propel legislation through the political trenches at will. That was accomplished even though the USA-hating Michelle has never been elected to office and represents no one.

Michelle’s latest umbrage episode has her accusing Republicans of trying to sabotage Obamalunches. Republicans point to hard evidence that more than one million children have dropped out of the federal nearly $12 billion a year school lunch program feeding almost 32 million children because the fare is so terribly distasteful.

In schools run by the latest versions of Ilse Koch, where the federal school lunch is mandatory fare or you go hungry, packed lunches from home are banned and dumped by the cafeteria guards lest they make other kids jealous, all under the guise of “we were told to do it” by the federal school lunch program. More than 90% of the nation’s public and nonprofit private schools are subjected to the rules of the program mandated by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.

An Agriculture Department study study says more than 94% of the participating schools say they are meeting the guidelines. But the kids aren’t eating the food, forcing the workers to dump tons of food daily.

No matter though. The entire program is union dominated and therefore protected by President Obama and his LPM acolytes. The School Nutrition Association represents 55,000 school lunch workers and nutritionists. In return for their political support, they are awarded certain job guarantees and uniformity with the school lunch program as their protection. Anything they can do to force the kids to eat crap is fair game; it means program growth and survival. The only way the union will pivot is if it gets more money and support from the frozen food and agribusiness giants who have been frozen out of billions of dollars by the “healthy food” crusade.

An agriculture spending bill approved by a House appropriations subcommittee would allow schools to waive the standards if they have a net loss on school food programs for a six-month period. But that bill crafted by House majority Republicans likely will never gain muster in the Democrat-controlled Senate.So Michelle the unelected is safe in her quest to continue to pump our hard-earned tax dollars into a failure, supported by her army of LPMs ready to label any opposition as sexist, child-hating, mean-spirited ogres.  T. J. Edwards


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