Death Penalty And The Abortion Holocaust

It was a painful spectacle to watch Melissa Harris-Perry writhe and whine as her heart bled for almost eight minutes May 3 on Bolshevik cable over a thug on a death gurney. Her ballistic indignation resulted from the botched execution of Clayton Derrell Lockett in Oklahoma even though his victim suffered a far more painful, excruciating death than the brute who killed her. How callous it was Melissa whimpered — in the shadow of the Eighth Amendment barring cruel and unusual punishment — that society should condone such cruelty against a thug who kidnapped, beat, shot, and buried alive his 19-year-old prey after forcing her to watch the gang rape of her friend (Lockett had just been released from prison).  All this anti-cruelty ranting from a passionate supporter of the abortion holocaust, the brutal slaughter of millions of waiting-to-be-born babies. Of course, the Left/Progressive/Bolsheviks in their profound hypocrisy believe there are two categories of murder and one is permissible under their code of exception to the law. Not only does Cafe Latte name-hyphenated Harris-Perry advocate infanticide, she somehow through Liberal/Progressive pretzel logic believes that life begins when parents “feel” that life begins (July 21, 2013 on her MSNBC platform).  Singularly obsessed with racism, wonder if Melissa’s outrage at the suffering of the goon on the gurney would have been so intense had the killer been white? TJE