More ‘Progressive’ Pretzel Logic

Professor Mireille Miller-Young may be in line for radical feminist sainthood instead of jail for theft, battery and vandalism. You may recall Miller-Young (how Lib/Prog/Marxist hyphenatedly correct she is), a “professor” at University of California Santa Barbara, ripped a graphic anti-abortion sign from a 16-year-old woman and proceeded to assault her for the new crime of hurting her feelings on campus grounds. Well, the rabid drones who worship the professor of black pornography (yes, that’s a course at UCSB) are petitioning the judge to dismiss the charges because the teen anti-abortionist is a terrorist bent on intimidating their baby-killing instincts and hurting their feelings. As one petitioner says, anti-abortionists with graphic images of aborted fetuses such as the teen and her sister display are like “domestic terrorists.” TJE