LGBT: Lowlife Goon Bully Terrorists

It is time the Fascist goons of the so-called Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender mob  are called on their tactics. We have buried our collective heads in the sand for too long on a wide horizon of moves to corral and criminalize our speech if a mere utterance somehow hurts the feelings of one professional victim. The travesty of the forcible ejection of Mozilla’s Brendan Eich from his position because of the bleatings  of a handful of jackbooted Lowlife/Goon/Bully/Terrorist Fascists is no longer acceptable.

In the history of homosexuality, gays were–and are — persecuted, prosecuted, beaten, imprisoned, and murdered and society at large has brushed it off as a social aberration. That environment changed dramatically during the Stonewall riots in 1969 when gays said “No More.”

In the latter half of the 20th Century, several gay leaders emerged to illustrate gays are a large part of the social structure and not the evil predators as remaining knuckle-draggers insist on portraying them.

Reasoning and careful integration of gay life into the overall social structure was upended when the political extremists, the LGBTs or as I prefer to call them–LowlifeGoonBullyTerrorists, emerged with their aggressive in-your-face approach. They turned the social integration effort back decades and to such a degree that it will take years to repair after the LGBTs are pushed back into the dark covens from which they emerged.

The martyrdom of Brendan Eich on the altar of political correctness must be met with stiff resistance. It may take the removal of Firefox from our computers temporarily to get the message across. There are other browsers available until Mozilla gets the economic message that talented individuals who have given their life’s work to an idea that benefits mankind can’t be trashed by a mob of LGBT cranks. TJE