Bullyism, Progressivism And A Myopic Congress

We continually hear President Barack Obama whine that this is the least productive Congress in modern history. The irony is that Obama is right. That lack of “productivity” may be the best thing that happened to the USA during the agonizing years of his presidency — it prevented the country from plunging headlong into the death throes of progressivism, the communism of the 21st Century.

But by conducting the nation’s business in gridlock, and cowering to the continuing assaults of the nation’s bullies (see below), normally level-headed lawmakers have buried their heads in the sand and allowed Obama and his Left-Wing minions to corrupt the inner workings of the Executive Branch.

They simply have not carried out their constitutional responsibility of keeping a close watch on Obama’s activities in the far reaches of the bureaucracy. There is where Obama is doing the most damage to the nation and the fallout will continue to exist long after he retreats to Chicago in 2017 to indulge in the fiction of his memoirs and continue to stir racial and economic unrest.

The principal culprits behind Obama’s ability to mask his workings  are the nation’s most vocal and sometimes physically aggressive bullies,  the Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Congressional Progressive Caucus (all political incest a work) in collusion with the NAACP, National Action Network, National Council of La Raza (The Race), and the Council on American-Islamic Relations to name some of the core instigators.

Those and other more under the radar groups like Left-Wing think tanks Center for American Progress and the Center for Budget & Policy Priorities, and leftist activist groups like the National Low Income Housing Coalition with its national right to housing and voter registration tentacles allied with the former ACORN and its spinoff groups, make up the dangerous ideological undercurrent poised to rip the country apart under the banner of their concept of democracy. All nurture far left candidates to burrow into select government jobs as sleepers until they can get some civil service job protection.

Beginning with Obama’s czars — those unelected, unconfirmed Obama ideologues  hidden in the White House who act as political apparatchiks KGB style to hold a tight rein on the policies and hiring in their respective Cabinet and agency assignments — the placement of new hires is tightly monitored to conform to Progressive political and social ideology along strict racial and gender lines. Select hires are assigned to rewrite regulations within the framework of existing law by stretching those laws to the strictest enforcement possible, particularly civil rights and related laws.

The Left knows that it will be years before successive administrations will be able to unscramble, understand and reverse those legal reconstructions — years that can wreak serious if not fatal damage to freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution, a document disregarded by Progressives unless it suits their goal of government control.

Congress — the thinkers among the lawmakers who value the founding principles of this country — must seize the reins now and dilute the Progressive intrusion into the law before it’s too late to turn back the corruption. TJE