Snowe For President In 2016? It’s Possible

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. Clinton will throttle any male Republican challenger. That’s a certainty! If and when even a breath of criticism of anything targeting Clinton emerges during the campaign, the rabid feminists will pounce with fury labeling the political transgressor a “bully.” The millennial misandrists will echo the slander until it becomes political orthodoxy, dooming the candidate.

If there is any doubt in your mind that the above will occur, take a look at the plight of Chris Christie and the Left’s instant collective political titillation. The MSNBC Divas of Drek are beside themselves with glee to have such a leg tingler to divert the nation’s attention from the Gates’ gehenna, IRS saga, Benghazi blunder, Solyndra scam, and all the other odious tramplings of the Constitution. They have already labeled Christie a bully. Let’s face it. Christie is a bully but no more than the average New Jersey politician. He just puts more weight behind the effort.

There is only one solution for Republicans wanting to regain the White House: Field a woman candidate. The right challenger will have the ability and persona to capture the independent middle, centrist Republicans and those Democrats unhappy with the prospect of a Clinton return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The far right would be reluctant at first but the prospect of Clinton calling the shots after eight years of a country-deadening presidency would bring some around on election day.

There is one prospect filling that bill: former U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME). Snowe has the domestic and foreign policy credentials necessary to challenge Clinton head-to-head. A Senate colleague of Clinton’s for more than six years, Snowe knows how Clinton operates and maneuvers. Snowe left Congress in 2012 unhappy with the political gridlock and her inability as a centrist to broker compromises in a sea of political bitterness. She joined the Bipartisan Policy Center to keep a hand in the political issues and conflicts and she could likely emerge in the coming year as a viable prospect for the GOP nomination in two years. TJE