The Tingler: Left Wing Fiction Incubator

Watching Howard Fineman’s spiel on the Chris Matthews political agony hour Oct. 27 provided a clear example of how the left wing makes it up as it goes along. Fineman reminds The Tingler/Drooler of the Democrat/Liberal credo that minimal-government conservatives are hypocrites by using the Social Security and Medicare programs, The politically correct when it suits their purposes mob always fails to explain that Social Security and Medicare are insurance trust funds financed involuntarily by taxpayers. Both of the social engineering programs were foisted on the population by Democrats in 1935 and 1965 respectively — during the Great Depression and in the shadow of John Kennedy and the Civil Rights movement —  to grow the government’s authority. They were mandated as untouchable trusts and we all know how that experiment crashed. The programs are not voluntary. If you work and receive a paycheck, you must contribute a significant chunk of it to both programs as well as other general abuses of government spending. If you don’t pay, you go to jail. It’s that simple. Obamacare personifies that government gun to our heads. Taxes mean control — of every aspect of our lives. Yes, Fineman, seniors use Social Security and Medicare because they financed them by forcibly paying the insurance premiums all their lives. TJE