Osama Bin Laden’s Jihad Has Prevailed

Once a proud nation, the United States now cowers before a second-rate al Qaeda leader whose few words sends a military power decimated by President Barack Obama running scared from a band of disheveled Muslim savages.

Yes! bin Laden has won. After engineering the 9/11 attacks, he vowed to bring down the USA and the West economically by straining the country’s financial resources. We have spent uncountable billions of dollars creating a Department of Homeland Security and all its despotic trappings that whittled away our basic freedoms in the name of protection against the Arab Ku Klux Klan.

Of course, the federal government spinmeisters prefer to call it improved American security. Regardless of name, the DHS is still the KGB-SS of our time with its own stormtroopers to prove the point.

Another leader would have deployed military resources to protect our embassies. But our current excuse for a leader, an Islam-trained sympathizer, prefers to cut and run to avoid offending his Muslim buddies. Instead, he goes golfing.