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By Thomas J. Edwards

Saturday August 14, 2021

Soros Goes For Big Prize With Bragg In Rogue Prosecutor Campaign

By Thomas J. Edwards — 

New York prosecutor Alvin Bragg wants to be the next Manhattan district attorney. He joins a lengthening line of soft-on-crime prosecutors in major cities propelled financially by radical left billionaire George Soros.

Who is George Soros? His name is bandied about frequently but little about his real objectives is known because of generally puff coverage by a fawning media. 

Soros donated $1 million to Bragg from his Color of Change political action committee, nearly half of the total amount Bragg raised for his campaign.  That largesse from a shadowy Hungarian refugee who, while a naturalized American citizen, is persona non grata in his own country and who earned much of his fortune by sabotaging the British pound currency.

How Soros has escaped legal sanctions in America for what amounts to undermining the country’s legal and political systems is befuddling. President Donald Trump failed to take any action against Soros during the four years of his presidency even though the New York resident was one of Trump’s main scourges.

Throughout the Trump presidency, Soros generously financed several radical left candidates for prosecutors in cities across the country — San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Boston. Crime in all of those cities has soared out of control as a result.

In 2021, Soros is putting his political weight behind prosecutor candidates in Rochester, New York and New York City (Bragg) among others. And Soros has grand plans to finance several prosecutor campaigns in 2022 unhindered by any legal barriers. 

Why is Soros and others of his ilk so enamored with prosecutors? They are a rare powerful breed in the United States, possessing unilateral and arbitrary executive authority over who to prosecute for what crimes. And a crime can be interpreted in many ways, depending on a prosecutor’s whims.

The focus now centers on Bragg aiming for the top prosecutorial position in the country, in a city now being ravaged by criminals under a so-called progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio, 

The Braggs, the Larry Krasners, the Marilyn Mosbys, the Kim Foxxes of this country groomed financially by George Soros to savage the judicial system are committed to undermine and destroy America’s criminal justice system. By refusing to prosecute a litany of crimes, these Soros toadys instill the fear needed to erode confidence in the protection against thuggery necessary to guarantee a stable society designed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Guns are selling at a rate unheard of just two years ago to citizens determined to protect themselves from savage thugs who maim and kill for money, over the color of one’s skin, or just for the thrill of the kill, conditioned by an array of lurid films, TV programs, and games designed to glorify guns as a symbol of masculinity. 

It is fast reaching the point where no one is safe. You have no idea why you would be  a target and you don’t know where you would be hit but you know you could be the next target. That is the kind of fear the Soros’ of the world want to instill in the citizenry, fear that seeks a quick remedy in draconian assurances of calm to help globalists such as Soros advance authoritarian socialism.

If  Bragg becomes Manhattan’s district attorney in November, and his nomination is tantamount to victory in overwhelming Democrat Manhattan, he intends to mimic his progressive peers in major cities under crime siege by refusing to prosecute a potpourri of crimes. 

Bragg wants to cap all sentencing at 20 years and cancel pre-trial detention for crimes other than murder. He also will refuse to prosecute a long list of lower-level crimes such as shoplifting, larceny, receiving stolen property, breaking and entering, wanton destruction of property, and resisting arrest.

Bragg is a major victory for Soros who has bankrolled several initiatives to undermine the criminal justice system, In 2020, his Open Society Foundations provided $70 million to local efforts to help elect compliant prosecutors. The cash was part of a broader $220  million to promote racial equity.


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