Fair Housing: America’s New Slavery

Sometime between now and the end of 2013 — ideally a late Friday afternoon near a major holiday so its volatile content could  evade immediate close scrutiny —  the Housing & Urban Development Department (HUD) will issue a new regulation solidifying the most massive and far-reaching racial desegregation plan devised since forced school busing ripped apart the national social fabric in the 1950s and set the stage for dumbing down the nation’s education system.

The rule incorporating HUD’s  “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” citizen-control doctrine into the Obama administration’s  Alinsky bible of radical social and racial conflict is the final effort of the dream of a cabal of extreme left-wing Alinskyites — President Barrack Obama’s political mentors and loyal sycophants —  to bring all housing and zoning powers under the authority of the federal government. It will ensure that each of the nation’s more than 43,000 ZIP codes will have populations of whites and minorities equivalent to percentages HUD’s regulation writers would ultimately determine. It consolidates quotas and funding threats with two earlier maneuvers to desegregate the entire nation by HUD and the Justice Department — the LGHBT and Disparate Impact rules.

When the rule is published in the Federal Register, it will complete the holy trinity of fair housing enforcement envisioned by the administration when it assumed authority in January 2009. It is the culmination of an intense collaboration between two left-wing think tanks and the Obama administration’s clique of White House Czars — selected as close Obama advisors and paid high salaries but not accountable to Senate confirmation and congressional oversight — whose far left political/social philosophy mirrors the president’s. It includes a compliant HUD whose chief, Shaun Donovan, is a fawning Obama loyalist and political troubleshooter. Donovan got the job in 2009 after a stint as New York City’s housing and development czar who had the political pulse of a Fair Housing Act lawsuit in neighboring jurisdiction Westchester County that evolved into the new desegregation trilogy.

The thrust behind the fair-housing trinity is the closing of all loopholes in Fair Housing Act enforcement. It gives a person or a business only two legal alternatives when accused of fair housing discrimination — endure a long and costly legal battle against the unlimited finances of the federal government’s legal fortress or concede to the “guilty before proven innocent” concept of Obamaism and pay a hefty fine. After all, the main goal is money to finance the “off the books” roguery of the Alinskyites and socially ostracize those accused of discrimination.

HUD has spent the past four years compiling statistics from thousands of ZIP codes where federal largesse from Community Development Block Grants (CDBG —  the lone remaining federal revenue sharing program from the 1970s still in operation), the HOME Investment Partnerships program, Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA), ESG (Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance), and public housing/Section 8 housing vouchers has been considerable.

HUD’s initial success in 2009 in using its CDBG hammer on Westchester County, New York to muddle local zoning laws and force desegregation of the county’s mostly white census tracts is the model. The Westchester capitulation to assure the county a continued flow of federal subsidies requires the county to build 750 homes in 31 of its 48 communities. The county then must go outside its jurisdiction to high-poverty areas in the metro New York City area and recruit poor black and Hispanic families with grants of full welfare and rental subsidies to occupy the houses. Each tract must house at least 7% blacks and 10% Latinos in order to reflect the county’s racial and ethnic breakdown under the settlement.

The Westchester experience bolstered the Obama administration’s social transformation agenda. But to guarantee there are no loopholes in such a strategy, the administration issued the first of its Fair Housing Enforcement Trinity by expanding in 2011 the so-called “protected classes” to bar discrimination against lesbians, gays and the transgendered.  The second part of the trinity issued in February makes those suspected or charged with bias guilty until they can prove their innocence of “disparate impact.” That is Obamaism’s strategy to make any action that can be even remotely linked to discrimination, whether intended or not, a criminal offense against the Fair Housing Act.

The pending final rule on “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” will make it all but impossible to be innocent of housing bias. It furthers the strategy of the Alinskyites to keep social and racial conflicts percolating. TJE

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