Today’s Focus

Soros Steps Up Crusade To Undermine Nation’s Laws

By Thomas J. Edwards Hungarian emigre George Soros, rejected in his own country, has been given red carpet treatment to subvert the rule of law spelled out in the United States Constitution. The multibillionaire, who successfully sabotaged currencies of other nations to acquire his fortune, operates unfettered from his suburban New York City … Read More »

Teachers Reject Education Achievement As Policy

By Thomas J. Edwards – With no fanfare or media coverage, the radical left National Education Association decides the nation’s education goal will not be student learning/academic achievement, but rather will continue to focus on higher teacher pay, greater partisan political activity, more vacation days, and enhanced job protection … Read More »

Jihad Squad Scary Portrait Of New Gimmeism Ideology

By ThomasJ. Edwards – Picture an army of locust-like lemmings devouring everything in their path to create and share misery on an entire population. That scheme is descending on the United States today and the forces equipped to stop it have been largely neutralized by political correctness. The threat: Gimmes, the new socialists intent on … Read More »

Racism Is Camouflage For Ideology

By Thomas J. Edwards – Analysis/Opinion – We are fast becoming a nation transfixed by the term “racism.” The tactic of the radical left — liberal Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, and all of their sub-ideologues — is to label anyone racist who fails to, or refuses to, subscribe to their lockstep ideological … Read More »

Jihad Squad A Serious Orchestrated Danger To USA

By Thomas J. Edwards – Analysis/Opinion, Eye On Why – The call themselves the “Squad.” The four congressional Jennies are in effect a Jihad Squad intent on ripping apart the political fabric of Congress and remaking it in their view, a prelude to shredding the social and political fabric of the United States. Peers and … Read More »

Taxpayers Always Screwed In Legal ‘Settlements’

By Thomas J. Edwards When corporations and businesses break the law or otherwise breech the public trust, the government steps in through the courts to rein in the problem. Following much hand-wringing and moral posturing, the government generally allows the lawbreaker to “settle” the charges rather than fight them in court. That … Read More »

At A Glance

Cummings Critique Was Sure Bet To Be Called ‘Racism’

Reaction was a certainty. The only question was who would be first out of the box to fling the epithet of “racism” at President Donald Trump for daring to criticize a black person. … Read More »

Coulter Political Death Wish Or CNN Talk Show Host?

One-time conservative darling Ann Coulter is headed for political oblivion, having turned on the superman she created in her own eyes over a pet peeve of hers that the superman _- President Donald … Read More »

Common Sense Trumps Knee-Jerk Politics

Laguna Beach, CA residents are recovering from a recent row over the U.S. flag. City councillors decided to keep the American flag on its new police car decals despite an outcry from the political … Read More »

Where Is The Kamala Outcry?

If a Republican or conservative prospect for the presidency chose to unveil his or her intention on the day the nation stops to commemorate the life and work of Civil Rights Icon Dr. Martin Luther … Read More »

Maddow Seeks Slave

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s doyenne of leftwing radicalism, wants a slave to produce her daily primetime show — yes, a slave. Maddow has an advertisement on the NBC Universal Employment web … Read More »